Will Wright

Mark Gugle

Past members names are listed here with reference to their instruments, locale, and dates of participation with the YRJP.  Levels of participation are indicated as follows:

  *Those members who have played on the main stage of the

        Telluride Jazz Celebration.

 ** ​Members who have won a spot with the prestigious Telluride

         Yamaha or the Telluride Allstars.

***Members who have been selected for the Gibson Baldwin  

         Grammy Jazz Ensemble.

Karen Phillips

John Kidd

Steve Jessup

Kristin Childress

James Bresslin

Blake Thompson

Niles Moran and Mark Steinert

Diana Nakelski

Matt Zavitz

Charis Hurst

Dexter Thompson

Paul Chavez

Sean French

The Young Razzcals Jazz Project, under the tutelage of Dave Adams, has had many, many members throughout its years. This page serves to recognize those students who have played with the YRJP through the years.  Past members are encouraged to send their current pictures and musical affiliation to Dave so that we may feature the growth that those members have realized.  Musicians pictured are just a fraction of the students through time. 

Corey Fonville

Charlie Jackson

Gideon Thompson

Claire Cuchiariloring